May 2016
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Home of the “Tailored To Fit” Florida Car Insurance Policy

The insurance agents at Car Insurance Florida Specialists invite you to call them for a competitive auto quote. Our auto insurance agents work extremely hard to design a customized insurance plan to meet your needs. We show you where you can save and how much of a policy you should carry.

Whether you have one, two or many drivers to add to your policy we will help you add additional drivers to your Florida auto policy as well as add additional motorized vehicles to your policy. We offer all types of motor vehicle and power sports insurance. Our customized insurance solutions include coverage for: cars, trucks, motor homes, RV’s, boats and watercraft vehicles…pretty much any 4-wheel motorized vehicle we offer Florida coverage for.

What if there was a way you could save 15%, 25% or even 50% on your car insurance, what would you do with that money?

Saving money on your car insurance is something most Floridians aspire to do. With Car Insurance Florida Specialists we do just that, we show you what discounts would apply to you. There are numerous discounts available to Florida drivers, most people just don’t know to inquire about them.
We are the only car insurance specials in Florida that design “tailored to fit” car insurance quotes for individuals like you. There are surefire strategies to cutting your car insurance rates that no one is telling you about.

Why pay more for auto insurance? Get your savings started now by simply calling our office at 407-613-2055 or email us at: to get your free no obligation tailored to fit auto quote today!

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